Meridian™ 3 Piece Forged Trunnion Ball Valve

Design Standards

  • Body joint integrity and fire safety is ensured by dual independent seals
  • A tight tolerance overlapping metal to metal body joint ensures valve is capable of handling pipeline stress and misalignment.
  • Standard forged body, bonnet and ball ensures high strength and higher integrity grain structure
  • All designs use 2 antistatic devices
  • Manual body vent design allows safe relief of pressure prior to servicing
  • Manual body drain can be used to safely drain or flush the valve prior to being serviced or removed from line
  • All trunnion ball valves are equipped with a locking device to API 608. For gear operated valves, this feature is included on the gear operator
  • All trunnion ball valves are equipped with ISO 5211 actuator mounting flanges
  • All MeridianTM trunnion ball valves are low emission capable due to the O-ring design
  • All O-rings are of AED (anti-explosive decompression) design.
  • Standard trim in either full stainless steel (DBB only) or 3 mil high phosphorus electroless nickel plated for superior corrosion protection
  • All MeridianTM 3 piece forged trunnion ball valves
    (2” – 56”) are Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 Capable as verified by Bureau Veritas

Stem Design Features

  • Blow out proof stem
  • Stems and trunnions are manufactured separately from the ball and supported by a bearing and thrust washer to ensure low consistent torques
  • Triple independent low emission stem seals ensure stem seal integrity
  • All valves include emergency secondary stem sealant injection system

Seat Design Features

  • Special wide seat insert design provides an increased life in difficult service conditions
  • Seat ring sealing includes separate graphite seals for fire safe design and O-rings for tight sealing
  • Seat sealant injection: Meridian trunnion ball valves include seat sealant injection systems. 16” and larger sizes use 2 sealant injection valves per seat to ensure uniform and complete sealant injection around the entire seat. For smaller size valves where space does not permit, body cavity injection is used instead of seat sealant injection
  • All seat sealant injection fittings include an internal check valve and another independent buried check valve beneath the injection fitting. Should an injection fitting be damaged it can be replaced without the requirement of re-hydro testing the valve
  • All valves are hydro-tested utilizing the check valve only (seat sealant injection fitting removed). This ensures check valve integrity
  • DBB – Double block and bleed design with self relieving body cavity per API 6D for all trunnion ball valves with single piston effect seats
  • DIB – Double isolation and bleed design per API 6D for all trunnion ball valves with double piston effect seats

Optional Features

  • “Safe relieving” DIB-2/combination seats (single piston on one side and double piston on the other side) available upon request
  • Body may be coated for corrosion protection
  • Top entry, welded body and high temperature designs also available
  • Cryogenic design and a world class cryogenic test and design facility also available

Certification & Testing

All Meridian™ ball valves come complete with hydrostatic test certificates and MTRs (material test reports). All floating and trunnion ball valves are tested to the requirements of API 6D. In addition, floating and trunnion ball valves are ALL tested with low pressure air to ensure seat sealing at lower pressures.

  • For Canadian customers CRNs (Canadian Registration Numbers) are available for all provinces where required
  • Tagging is per the requirements of API 6D, MSS SP-25 and CSA Z245.15
  • SIL (Safety Integrity Level) – Meridian™ 3 piece forged trunnion ball valves and 2 piece cast floating ball valves are certified for use in SIL 3 applications

Reference Standards

Design Standard:

  • API 608
  • API 6D
  • ISO 17292
  • CSA Z245.15
  • CSA B51

Face to Face:

  • ASME B16.10


  • ASME B16.5


  • MSS SP-25


  • API 598

Pressure & Temp.:

  • ASME B16.34


  • MSS SP-55

Fire Safe Design:

  • ISO 10497
  • API 607
  • API 6FA


  • NACE MR0175
  • ISO 15156

Pressure Testing:

  • API 6D
  • ISO 5208


  • BS/EN 10204-3.1