Meridian™ – Quality, consistency, economy

Established in the late ‘90s, products bearing the Meridian™ name are recognized as cost effective, consistent high quality range of valves and actuators that demonstrate an ability to meet or exceed customer and industry specifications.

Through ongoing feedback from customers in operations, engineering, procurement and maintenance, Meridian™ products have been developed with today’s requirements in mind. Since its early offerings, the Meridian brand has extended from threaded and socket weld ball valves to flanged floater and trunnion ball valves, API 6D check valves and actuators.

Today, the Meridian™ brand exemplifies attributes expected of a top-tier provider – safety, quality, operation, and long service life.

Meridian™ branded products include:

  • Trunnion ball valves
  • 3 piece forged end entry
  • 2 piece cast end entry
  • Top entry, welded body, cryogenic, metal seated
  • Floating ball valves
    • 2 piece cast or forged, end entry
  • API 6D check valves
  • WOG design small threaded ball valves
  • ASME rated threaded ball valves
  • Quarter turn rack and pinion actuators

Markets Served

Meridian™ produces a wide range of commodity and special service valves and valve actuation products to best meet its customers’ needs.

Large and small businesses in oil and gas, petrochemical, pulp and paper, mining, water and waste management, and power generation industries count on Meridian™ products to provide a high-quality, yet economical products.

Meridian™ products are used in a wide range of markets and industries around the world including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining & Metals
  • Transmission & Pipelines
  • Petrochemical, Chemical and Refining
  • Power & Utilities
  • Pulp & Paper

Technical and Commercial Support

Meridian™ provides technical and commercial sales support through its dedicated team of focused experts. Meridian™ is committed to your success! Our high standards of excellence, trained staff, problem solving expertise and large product inventory allow us to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information about how we supply your specific market, please call us at 1-800-661-6997.