Meridian™ Actuation

Meridian™ provides rapid turn-around valve actuation solutions and will customize its industry leading valve product range to meet its customers’ actuation needs. Actuation products include electric actuators, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, and control accessories.


  • Quarter-turn actuation
  • Multi-turn/linear actuation
  • Complete shop facilities
  • Experienced technicians
  • Retrofit in service
  • In-field services
  • Total package responsibility
  • All actuators are sized for full ASME differential pressure and Meridian ensures that the appropriate safety factor is added to ensure safe operation


  • Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Electric
  • Control accessories and mounting hardware
  • ESD packages
  • Positioners


Meridian™ actuated packages including:

  • Pneumatic actuated ball valves
  • Self-contained hydraulic ESD system
  • Electric actuated quarter and multi-turn valves
  • Actuated control chokes
  • Gas-over-oil packages